Optic-A 1000W Hps Dimbaar + lamp

Optic-A 1000W Hps Dimbaar + lamp
Optic-A 1000W Hps Dimbaar + lamp
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Optic-A | 1000W Hps | DE

Operating / Electrical parameters;
Input voltage Range (AC) 216 V~264 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage performance tolerance (AC) 216 V (240 V@-10%)~264 V (240 V@+10%)
Safety voltage range (AC) 204 V (240 V@-15%)~276 V (240 V@+15%)
Input current operating 4.4 A/5.0 A
Inrush current Peak ≤ 40 A
Line current Harmonics (THD) ≤ 10%@240 V
Power factor ≥ 0.98@240 V
Operating frequency ≥ 100 kHz (at nominal power and input voltage)
Efficiency ≥ 94% (at nominal power and input voltage)

System power;
Input power 1050 W
Lamp power 1000 W
Rated lamp power (tolerance) 1000 W (±3%)
Control or dimming Yes
Interface - Control knob for manual dim, Manual dimming options

Input connector PG watertight connector with 1.5 m cable and EU plug
Lamp holder Plastic
Optical parameters
PPF (400-700nm) >1800 umol/s
Beam angle 120 Degrees


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