Hortimol ScrogSpider LED 330W MXH4

Hortimol ScrogSpider LED 330W MXH4
Hortimol ScrogSpider LED 330W MXH4
Hortimol ScrogSpider LED 330W MXH4
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The New Reference for Horticulture
The Hortimol MXHLed 4 Full Spectrum fixture is a low consumption fixture specially developed to light small to medium surfaces for better yields. In addition to its state-of-the-art performance, its modular design allows you to adapt it to the different needs of plants, making it a benchmark luminaire in the world of horticulture.

  • Multi-bar design using passive cooling providing an even lighting distribution
  • High modularity due to the swappable bars.
  • Fit one square meter*

Full Spectrum Mixed :FSM

Rich and balanced
This spectrum has been specially developed to imitate the light offered by the sun. With a most natural energy distribution, this full spectrum variant contains high levels of red 660 and blue 450. As a result, your plants will thank you and start to grow and grow, as if they were constantly under a blazing sun, but without excess heat.

With its unparalleled energy balance, this spectrum is able not only to saturate chlorophylls A and B for photosynthesis, but also to stimulate at the highest levels the secondary photosensitive metabolic pathways which can play an important role during reproduction. It is therefore easier than ever to keep genetics stable from generation to generation under artificial light.

A natural light, naturally
Another advantage, but not least, is the natural rendering of colors that this light offers you. Indeed, we have managed to push the energy levels to the highest in all frequency ranges of the spectrum, which offers a heat of 3200 ° K and a CRI 85 which will allow you to carry out your diagnoses without having to resort to corrective glasses or fill-in light. Your plants will have the color they would have if they were observed under the sun in the middle of its descending phase, so what could be more suitable?

FSM+ : always plus
With our new FSM + spectrum you have even more energy around red for even more versatility. Our team has developed this new spectrum with the aim of increasing yields during flowering, without any modification of the CRI characteristics. The result ? The fastest growing with exceptional rooting followed by abundant flowering, all under one light!


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